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DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that I cannot tell you which part of this novel is based on family legend. I am a Haviland, I am therefore not allowed. There are consequences, you see...

I cannot stop you from looking up Haviland Hollow on a map of New York. If you find it (and you may not), I can't stop you from going there. And if you see something strange there, something you didn't think could possibly exist, don't say I invited you--because I didn't. But if I don't invite you, you shouldn't see anything there anyway. At're not supposed to.

"Our mundane world seems to have a number of gates to strange places and adventures to suit every occasion and purpose. FAITH & FAIRIES, with exciting encounters between young humans strong in disbelief, and magic as old as the first tree, has opened another such to entice the explorer. As one can truly say--a good read!"
Andre Norton ~ The late Grand Master author of Witch World, The Beast Master, Catfantastic, The Solar Queen, and more than 200 other science fiction and fantasy novels since 1938.

"An enchanting tale full of humor and whimsy, reminiscent of such young adult classics as THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA...full of wonder and imagination, yet feels familiar and real. There is much to like..."
Eldon Thompson ~ Author of The Legend of Asahiel series.

"...a finely crafted, haunting tale of adventure, sacrifice and love that fondly recalls the young adult fantasy novels of C.S. Lewis, Andre Norton and Madeleine L'Engle."
The St. Augustine Record, St. Augustine, Florida

"Author C.S. Haviland has composed a mythical and magical turn of events in FAITH & FAIRIES. Some compare the story to C.S. Lewis' THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE."
The Ames Tribune
, Ames, Iowa

"Rarely do I read, nor enjoy fantasy novels but I am very happy to say this is one I like very much. I think its because I can relate to the characters, unlike other fantasy novels that are about long ago societies, or worlds very different from our own. It's the story of several teenage boys who enter a magical world that becomes more interesting page after page. Haviland is in the class of L. Frank Baum, Terry Brooks, or Stephen Donaldson who are some of the authors I have enjoyed."
MidWest Book Review

"FAITH & FAIRIES is a sweet fantasy story filled with wonder, magic, and fairies. There is also a good deal of action and adventure. Kissing as a healing method for fairies, quite an interesting concept."
TCM Reviews

"All I can say is, when is the next one coming out? Very enjoyable and original. ... There was nothing in this book that set off echoes of anything else I ever read, and that is a very hard thing to accomplish."
Danielle Ackley-McPhail ~ Author of Yesterday's Dreams

"I love this book! I love's so good! I am recommending it to everyone I know!"
—Hazel (18) ~ DuPont, Washington, USA

"FAITH & FAIRIES is one of the greatest books I have ever read. If you like fantasy, humor and a little bit of romance, then you picked up the right book. This is one excellent story. I call this book great and fantastic. I couldn't stop reading it and when you read all the way to the end, you would be wishing for more!"
—Emily (12) ~ Yonkers, New York, USA

"When I read the first chapter, I was immediately 'sucked' into the book and I could not stop reading it. I even got in trouble once for reading it when I was supposed to be getting ready for school! ... I really like the idea of faithcraft... The final battle with Loni versus Horde Kaa was absolutely incredible..."
— Rachel (13) ~ Helsinki, Finland

"I think you captured a sense of humor in it that had me chuckling even in the dire times and your fight sequences at the end, particularly with the bow being used as a combat weapon, were very visual."
—Michael (52) ~ Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

"This novel gave me the opportunity to let my imagination flow freely......I felt like a kid again."
—Uyen (20) ~ New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

"...I did my doctoral dissertation on British Fantasy in children's literature and had it published in book form in 1993... My perspective therefore, is from the point of view of a literary critic... You make wonderful use of 'mixed' mythological traditions. I like the references to Greek/Roman (in terms of 'dryads'), Northern or Teutonic ('trolls', the 'Father Tree'—which reminded me of the World Tree 'Ygdrassil' in northern myth), Celtic (the Great Stag) and what I interpreted as 'New Age' mystical references (I recall the use of 'crystals' etc.). I find this intriguing. While such techniques have been used before, you have a fresh way of handling them. I was reminded of C.S. Lewis' mixed mythologies in the seven CHRONICLES OF NARNIA and also Pullman's HIS DARK MATERIALS... Your approach is original and varies from what we often accept as 'the norm' in High Fantasy.... I am really impressed by the richness of your writing."
—Karen Patricia Smith, Professor of Library Science ~ Queens College, The City University of New York, USA

"The story was amazing!!! It was such a great combination of fantasy, exciting adventure, and the power of faith needed to empower our lives. I know it will be a great seller for young adults. We will lend our copy to our friend to read."
—The Wilson Family ~ Port Chester, NY, USA

"I wanted to let you know that my sister and I absolutely loved your book. It is one of the few books we both read and both loved. It was a great book with a very original plot. I enjoyed it so much I finished it in one day."
—Amberlie (16)

"As soon as the kids reached the tree, the book took off and I was hooked. Now I'll look forward to seeing your next book."
—Nate Marion Hage (49)

"The first book was absolutely awesome! I especially loved the part where Scott found out what his family heirloom was. I was hooked until the end. I can't wait to see what happens to Scott and Katy."
—Haley (9) ~ Dunwoody, GA, USA

"...I absolutely loved it. The story simply captivated my imagination and transported me right there...I have not enjoyed a story this much in a very long time....Not only could I not put it down but I wanted more when it was done...."
—Del ~ The Holistic Healing Center at Generations, Oxford, MA, USA

"...I very much want to travel to New York, explore the state in hopes of finding Father Tree and the Woodkeepers. In the meantime though, I’ll just not-so-patiently wait for the sequel…"
—Jodi (20+)

"...I read it to [my kids] over a period of a week or two as a bedtime story and we all loved it... Highly recommended!"
—Tom (40+) ~ Boulder, CO, USA

"...With laugh-out-loud dialogue, deep characterization, original creatures and ideas, and non-stop action, FAITH & FAIRIES is a definite win for readers of all ages. The novel is definitely faith-based, but is not a hit-you-over-the-head treatment of spirituality and is appropriate for any reader. I give FAITH & FAIRIES a recommendation of Excellent and encourage anyone who's looking for a fun, Christian, fantasy tale to pick this one up immediately. You'll definitely enjoy it."
—Rev. Steve Wilson,

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