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When Scott, Terry and Ronnie crashed in the woods, they heard music on the breeze: the simsim-aya of the elimu woodkeepers of Nod. But that is not the only way simsim-aya can find you.

If you ever have a pleasant dream, or feel exhilarated as you stroll through the woods smelling the fresh scent of trees on the air, or have inspiration to write a story straight from the heart or paint a beautiful picture, or have a song in your mind that you never heard before, that may be simsim-aya—the presence of woodkeepers or airmakers or other preservers nearby. They are reaching out to you in a secret way, whether they realize it or not, whether you realize it or not. When that happens, write your story, paint your picture, play your music!

The following tracks were performed by a musician named Donald Brunning as he was inspired reading the novel Faith & Fairies. This is fairly good evidence that they come directly from simsim-aya!

This isn't a complete musical score. Not yet. They are instrumental themes, just like background music at a movie. If you like them, please contact us, or post a message on the Faith & Fairies forum! If you're enthusiastic, perhaps Mr. Brunning will create more themes, and even a complete soundtrack. And perhaps that will lead to a CD, if enough people ask for one!


The Secrets of Haviland Hollow (mp3)

The Father Tree (mp3)

Mariam's Theme (mp3)

Katy's Theme (mp3)

The Mystery of the Heirloom (mp3)

Be Mindful of the Soultoucher (mp3)

The Cloven (mp3)

The Ram Centurions (mp3)

Nothing Left to Do But Pray (mp3)

The Drawbridge is Stuck (mp3)

Horde Kaa's Theme / The Sacrifice of the Twelve (mp3)

Bog vs. King Stag (mp3)

The Cunning of a Mad King (mp3)

The Empress Mother, Restored (mp3)

The Preservers Victorious (mp3)

Scott's Deepest Pain (mp3)

Halvire Burnt / Halvire Regrown (mp3)

The Orphanage (mp3)

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