Faith & Fairies

A Fable of FaithCraft
by C.S. Haviland
(based on family legend)

Lost in the woods, three orphan boys with troubled pasts come upon an incredible secret: A giant tree guarded by five beautiful winged girls who call themselves Woodkeepers. They are dryads...tree fairies, and their kind is dying.

They are all linked to the health of their mother empress, who has been taken captive by King Stag, leader of a race of satyrs in a parallel world. She has been drugged, and will die if they do not rescue her in time.

The kiss of a human boy will heal a dryad, and so they propose an idea to the boys: Join them on a perilous mission to infiltrate Ram Towers, and sneak under the nose of a great black dragon and past an army of satyrs and minotaurs, to find and heal the empress mother before it's too late!

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Original Faith & Fairies Illustrations by Gary A. Lippincott

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