Faith & Fairies

by C.S. Haviland based on family legend

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Niki, niki, bayniki-siti seetaymi! Thank you for coming to preview our story. We are happy to see you, even if you cannot see us (not yet). We know you tinkers call our story a "novel" and you think we are not real. That's okay, it's just the way tinkers are. It's why you live in Udi-mie, the world called Nod. ("Udi" means "puzzled" in your language; "mie" means "wanderer.") But none of that is important.

You are about to embark with us on a great journey. You will join the tinker orphans Scott, Terry and Ronnie on an adventure into Halvire, the world of the cloven. You will get to meet many kinds of preservers (that's what we are!), including woodkeepers, airmakers, pollinators, soultouchers, dayswimmers, watermaidens, zingers, and others. We are very beautiful, if you don't mind us saying! Unfortunately you will also find out about the cloven: rams, pounders, clops and snorts, among others. Worst of all, the adventure takes us into the maw of Horde-Kaa, the destroyer. Destroyers are members of the covet race. You call them dragons. Horde-Kaa is very terrible, and we fear her.

But have faith! We are all well protected. You will find out how.

Please, if you read our story, go forth to the forum and scribe your remarks! And you can also vote on who was your favorite preserver! Vanilla is certain it will be her, but we doubt it. You shouldn't go near her anyway. We think it'll be a very special willow woodkeeper in our story, or else a redwood woodkeeper magistrate, our Empress. But it could be one of the others too. Lots of people take a liking to a young pine woodkeeper you will soon meet, even if she is annoying sometimes. Anyway, after you are finished, go to the Afterword page.

Without further ado, we await you! Onti-simina maticay! Omaka-soodi sie!

--Some Anonymous Airmakers

Home - Contents - Free Preview

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